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Gaughan Gaming consists of a management team of seasoned executives who offer expertise in all aspects of the gaming industry including planning and development, financial structure, regulatory compliance, legal requirements, marketing, advertising, human resources, construction and design. Gaughan Gaming aligns itself with companies and development projects that are in need of a management team committed to establishing, building and maintaining successful strategic partnerships in order to exceed market potential.

The Principal’s of Gaughan Gaming are licensed in many jurisdictions including the state of Nevada (Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission) and by the National Indian Gaming Commission. We are currently pursuing projects in the United States and Native American Nations. Gaughan Gaming is also analyzing International opportunities.

John Gaughan

John Gaughan, a third-generation gaming innovator, has quickly made his own mark on Nevada’s key industry. Before graduating from the University of Nebraska with a business degree in 1988, Mr. Gaughan founded Las Vegas Dissemination Company, which provides vital support to the off-track horse and dog racing industry. LVDC soon became Nevada’s exclusive pari-mutuel service provider. As the owner and chief executive of LVDC, in addition to his role as chief executive of Gaughan Gaming, Mr. Gaughan’s leadership in every phase of the company’s operations has been invaluable.

Gregory S. Wright

As Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Gregory S. Wright oversees all of Gaughan Gaming financial and regulatory activities. He represents the company before the Nevada Gaming Control Board, outside auditors and major banking institutions. Mr. Wright is a CPA in the State of Nevada and has also held positions with both Nevada gaming companies and Indian-run casinos throughout the U.S. In addition, he served as an agent in the Audit Division of the Nevada Gaming Control Board for five years. Mr. Wright is a Las Vegas native and a 1988 graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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